You can’t work 24/7/365 and sell your handmade crafts on Etsy! Sometimes you need a break! Discover what happens with your Etsy shop when you are on vacation!

What to Do with Your Etsy Shop While You Are on Vacation

At least once a year, every Etsy seller goes on vacation and takes a break from selling, communicating with customers, listing new products, adding descriptions, photos, and etc. Whether you are on a short or long vacation break – don’t worry because we have a few tips that can help you decide what to do with your Etsy shop.

Believe it or not, Etsy comes with a “vacation mode” option that allows sellers to put their shop on hold by activating this option. This is known as an official hold and it means that no listings and products are going to shop up in the category listings and in the shop as well. This option comes with a special paragraph area which allows you to list all of your vacation announcements. You can explain to all of your customers why you are on vacation when you are going to reopen the store, are there going to be any changes after your vacation, and etc.

The vacation mode option also comes with an auto reply where you can specify a message or allow potential customers to sign up in order to receive an email when the shop is going to reopen exactly.

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Etsy and its team recommend using this option only when you are going on an extended vacation. A lot of sellers would like to know at this point what would happen if they leave their shop open while they are on vacation or what is considered as an extended vacation. Etsy experts suggest that you need to determine the pros and cons of leaving your shop open or put it on a vacation mode and then decide what is best for you.

Regardless of your decision, you need to inform your customers that you are on vacation. You can inform them about when your next shipping is going to be or how long you are going to be on vacation. Once they are informed, no one will get hurt.

You can contact the Etsy team and consult with them before making a final decision. They are qualified enough to give you the best advice!