Are you an Etsy seller? Discover the most common mistake the Etsy sellers do and learn how to avoid it or fix it! Etsy is a world-known marketplace for selling handmade crafts, supplies for crafts, art pieces, vintage goods, and etc. Because of its huge popularity, Etsy became a pretty competitive space as well. There are millions and millions of active sellers on this platform, struggling every day to increase their sale and maximize the profit.

The Number One Mistake the Etsy Sellers Do

In order to become a successful seller, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. You need to be kind and nice to your customers, you need to answer their questions, you need to design your Etsy shop according to the products you are selling, you need to sell unique and original handmade products, you need to know how to market and promote your products, and you can’t make mistakes. There is one common mistake that a lot of Etsy sellers do and that is adding low-quality and blurry pictures of their products. Taking high-quality and clear pictures of the products you are selling is the key to run a successful Etsy shop. It is as important as making your handmade crafts. You have gone to all that time and trouble to make something original and now you need to put the same effort into ensuring that the pictures are perfect.

How to Fix This Mistake

Adding low-quality and blurry pictures aren’t so bad if you know how to fix your mistake. The best way to take photos of your products is to buy a digital camera or ask your friend who is a professional photographer to help you with this project of yours. Besides a digital camera, you need a tripod. The tripod will ensure the picture is clear and not at all blurry. If you can’t buy a tripod, then you can use hardback books that will keep the camera steady. It is also important to have a nice background when photographing your Etsy items. Don’t just take shots from your products, but make sure there is an interesting story behind it. Choose a suitable background that is going to compliment your products and ensure there is a good natural light to take great photos.

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If you want to become a successful Etsy seller – take our tips into consideration and avoid adding blurry and low-quality photos of your products!